New research mission

The ECNU-S&P Research Center has been commissioned with a new research project. In cooperation with the Journal of East China Normal University, the study on the professional quali-fications of Chinese post-secondary institution graduates is supplemented by the perspective of the graduates themselves.

From 2014 to 2017, the ECNU-S&P Research Center analyzed the professional qualifications of Chinese post-secondary institution graduates in different studies as part of the Smart Edu-cation China initiative. The essential topic of the research was about the extent to which Chi-nese graduates meet the expectations of Western companies. About 300 Western companies located in China were asked about the expectations they set for Chinese graduates of various disciplines and how much the expectations were met. The final report of the research series can be downloaded here.

A key finding of the study was that young Chinese did not lack professional competences. However, it was methodological and social skills that make it difficult for workplace newbies to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice in a targeted manner.

In order to complement the perspective of young professionals, as well as to evaluate the results of the first research series in which primarily managers or HRs of Western companies were interviewed, the ECNU-S&P Research Center has been asked to conduct a second research. In those interviews, young workers will have the opportunity to reflect on the extent to which they are able to contribute their theoretical education and higher education effective-ly to workplace.

Interviews with young Chinese workers are currently being conducted. The interviewees mainly come from three groups: young professionals working for Western companies in Chi-na, those working for international corporations in Germany or other countries in Europe, as well as some young Chinese workers working for Chinese companies operating international-ly within China.

We will be happy to summarize the results of the study on this page as soon as the report is available and are coordinated with the partners in the context of the research activities.

Be sure not to miss the time of publication and order a digital version of the report today.

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