Study on the professional qualifications of Chinese graduates

More and more Western companies need well-trained young professionals in China in order to meet the growing demand for qualified employees. Recent studies show that China is training too many academic talents and that there is a significant shortage of skilled workers. Often, post-secondary institution graduates do not meet the expectations of Western companies.

The “Smart Education China” initiative aims to improve the Chinese education system in the long term. This project is supported by ECNU (East China Normal University), the second largest educational university in China based in Shanghai, and S&P Consulting International Consulting Group. DCW (The German-Chinese Business Association) is at our side as a cooperation partner. This is not a commercial project.


As part of this initiative, a wide-ranging survey was carried out on the expectations of Western companies on post-secondary institution graduates in China. The aim is to significantly increase the qualifications of Chinese graduates in the medium term in order to meet the growing demand for qualified staff on Chinese labor market. This online survey asked for the skills that Western companies expect from graduates. In addition to the expectations (needs) of these companies, the survey also evaluated the level of compliance (satisfaction).Therefore, the question of the extent to which Chinese graduates already meet expectations or where improvements are still needed is answered.

The analysis distinguishes between three organizational areas:

  • Research & Development
  • Commercial Department
  • Non-commercial Functions

This distinction is based on the specific characteristics of the Chinese education system and the labor market. It could help to generate concrete suggestions to the Chinese education system. The aim of this study is to show the difference between the current professional qualification of Chinese post-secondary institution graduates and the expectations of Western companies operating in China.

“Smart Education China” in German Chamber Ticker

In the journal “German Chamber Ticker” of German Chamber of Commerce (AHK), you can read the summary about the ECNU-S&P Research Center’s study on the professional qualifications of Chinese post-secondary institution graduates. (here.)

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